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Summer Glow
  • Summer Glow

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    This photograph has been taken during a hot, late summer's day in Untermeyer Gardens, Yonkers NY.

    Untermyer Gardens has been one of my favorite destinations in Westchester County in NY, not only for photography but also for long, relaxing walks with my family.

    These gardens were built on a long-gone Greystone estate in 1916 by William Welles Bosworth, an Ecole des Beaux Arts trained architect and landscape designer.

    William was commissioned by the estate owner at that time Samuel J. Untermyer to create the "finest garden in the world" and he definitely did so. 

    Now spread over 43 acres of land and consisting of eight different gardens, my image was created in the Walled Garden. 

    The Walled Garden is a magnificent part of this park. Its design was inspired by Indo-Persian gardens and upon walking into it, I could not help but admire all the plant life and architecture around.

    What especially caught my eye was a Taro plant that was erected along the waterway.

    How could it not capture my attention with the bright light the sun bestowed on its leaf, highlighting the details of its texture and curves.

    Only a few clicks later I felt like I captured the true essence of this place. So simple, yet so grand.

    This photograph is profesionally printed, edge-to-edge on archival quality photographic paper.

    All prints are unframed. Frame in the listing photos is for display purposes only.

    Please be aware that the colors and tones of the prints may vary slightly due to different monitor settings when viewing.




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